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PAPER Education Family Information

As a parent or guardian, you know that learning shouldn’t stop when students step outside the classroom—but traditional tutoring services aren’t accessible to all families. Mynderse Academy has partnered with PAPER Education to help students access academic support whenever needed, without a cost.

With Paper™, students get access to free, unlimited, and 24/7 academic support from fully vetted tutors, all from a secure platform. All Paper tutors are experts in their own academic areas, and students can get support across 200-plus subjects in four languages.

Students: Click here to log into Paper

More information about how PAPER works is below:

Ways in which PAPER can help:

1. Homework help

2. Writing feedback

3. Learning support

Parent/Guardian Video

3 minute informational video for parents detailing languages, 24/7 support, and how it works.

Linked HERE.

Sign up for a parent/guardian webinar to learn more HERE.

Step by step directions for student login linked HERE.

Courses that PAPER supports linked HERE.

PAPER Education FAQ linked HERE.


PAPER was showcased to your child (grades 9-12) during PE classes on March 9th and 10th. Students can begin using PAPER immediately.

Please take the time to talk to your child(ren) about PAPER and encourage them to use it as a resource.