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Mynderse Academy Athletic Program Welcome

The goal of the Mynderse Academy Athletic Program is for athletes, coaches, and parents to work together and strive to develop a spirit of healthy competition and respect for coaches, officials, competitors, and oneself. We hope our student athletes understand the value of sportsmanship, develop a commitment to their team, promote honesty, integrity, fair play and the enjoyment of athletics, and create constructive relationships with peers and adults.

Interscholastic athletics promote the development of leadership, goal-setting, citizenship, organizational skills, and communication as well as develop individual talents to their fullest potential. It is our mission to develop character, responsibility, and accountability for one’s own actions while teaching rules, strategies, and appreciation of respective sports.

Kevin Korzeniewski
Athletic Director

315-568-5500  Ext. 2123

Chris Greer
Athletic Secretary

315-568-5500 Ext. 2134

2022-2023 Athletic Start Dates


  • Varsity and JV Football - August 20th
  • Varsity and JV (all other sports) - August 22nd
  • Modified Football - August 25th
  • Modified Sports (all other sports) - August 29th


  • Modified East Boys Basketball - October 24th
  • Varsity and JV (all sports) - November 14th
  • Modified Track - November 14th
  • Modified Wrestling - January 2nd
  • Modified East Girls Basketball -January 2nd 


  • Varsity and JV (all sports) - March 13th
  • Modified Track - March 2oth
  • Modified Baseball and Softball - March 2oth
  • Modified Lacrosse and Tennis - March 27th

Important Announcement

Family ID is being used to register students for sports. Every student who would like to participate in a sport needs to have a parent fill out the registration.

Family ID Link to Registration

If you are unable to access the internet, please contact the Athletics Office at (315) 568-5500 ext. 2134.

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