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Mynderse Academy Athletic Hall of Fame

Latest News

The Mynderse Academy Athletic Hall of Fame Committee is pleased to announce that the Mynderse Academy 1974-75 and  1975-76 Boys’ Basketball teams will be inducted with this year’s induction class.  Members of both teams have been notified of the committee’s selection.  This year’s induction is scheduled for Sunday, October 9, 2022.

1974-1975 Team

Standing:  John DeBottis, Steve Nearpass, Larry Ingalls, Don Mackey, Duncan Jensen, Coach John Nicholson, Gene Giovannini, Mark Scheuerman, Joe Porcelli, Tom Sage
Kneeling:  Ray Uticone, Asst. Coach Dan Caraher, Asst. Coach Ted Novak, Ken Kabat, Dan Velte, Dennis Pysnack, Bob Mitchell, Kevin Kabat

1975-1976 Team

Standing:  Bob Mitchell, Duncan Jensen, Dan Velte, Asst. Coach Ted Novak, Steve Nearpass, Don Mackey, Bob Sandroni, John DeMillo, Coach John Nicholson, Joe Porcelli
Kneeling:  Ken Kabat, Tim Jones, Kent Yaeger, Scott Smith, Mark Scheuerman, Jeff Manning, Larry Ingalls

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The Committee has begun work on the 2022 Induction which will be held on Sunday, October 9, 2022. Please mark this date on your calendar. Until then, we will be examining all candidates and teams in our Candidate Pool. If there is someone or team that you think is deserving to be inducted, please fill out the simple online form located on this web page.

We hope that you’ll be able to attend our 2022 ceremony.

If you have any questions or comments related to the Athletic Hall of Fame, please contact us via the link below:

Email: Ted Novak

Click the link below for the easy to complete, online nomination form to nominate a team or player. You do not need to provide athletic accomplishments when you nominate.

Athletic Hall of Fame Nomination Form


Basic Hall Information


The Mynderse Academy Athletic Hall of Fame was created to provide a forum to honor and provide a permanent tribute to those individuals who have made significant contributions to athletics at Mynderse Academy and/or who have left Mynderse and gone on to make “outstanding” contributions in the world of athletics.

Eligibility Criteria

A. Attended Mynderse Academy and participated in interscholastic athletics sponsored by the Seneca Falls School District for a minimum of two years OR

B. Coached a Seneca Falls School District team or teams for a minimum of five years OR

C. Made a significant contribution to the students of Mynderse Academy through interscholastic athletics OR

D. Attended Mynderse Academy and may not have necessarily participated in the sports program but made significant contributions in the world of sports OR

E. A female athlete who attended Mynderse prior to 1972.  Prior to 1972, female athletes were not given the same interscholastic athletic competition opportunities.  The Hall does not want to overlook female athletes prior to 1972.

Criteria For All Candidates

F.  Is and has been of good moral character

G. A ten year waiting period is required for induction from the time of graduation from the Academy.


Rod Verkey
Michael Marriam
Ted Novak
Tony Ferrara
Elizabeth Bruch Becht
Lisa Caraccilo Anderson
Jodie Docteur Verkey
Michael Ferrara 
Robert McKeveny

Mynderse Academy Athletic Hall of Fame Files

Download this file for information on how to make a donation.Hall of Fame Donation Letter

 All nominees need to complete this form by June 1.MA Hall of Fame Nominee Information

A nominee uses this form for a letter of recommendation.MA Hall of Fame Letter of Recommendation Form